Sylvester (1985)


Director: Tim Hunter
Writer: Carol Sobieski

Working in a Texas stockyard, breaking horses, Charlie's doing the best she can to support herself and her two brothers as a 16 year old Orphan. But when she loses her job, she gets the idea to take her best bronco, Sylvester, and turn him into a lucrative profit by training him for three-day eventing. But since she knows little of dressage and show-jumping, it's going to take the help of her old boss, an ex-cavalryman, to get ready for competition.







Credited Cast:

Richard Farnsworth ... Foster
Melissa Gilbert ... Charlie
Michael Schoeffling ... Matt
Constance Towers ... Muffy
Peter Kowanko ... Harris (as Pete Kowanko)
Yankton Hatten ... Grant
Shane Serwin ... Seth
Chris Pedersen ... Red
Ángel Salazar ... Tommy John
Arliss Howard ... Peter
Shizuko Hoshi ... Mrs. Daniels
Richard Jamison ... Capt. Marsh
James Gammon ... Steve
Ariane de Vogue ... Ariane
Norman Bennett ... Lenny