"Stand by Your Man" (1992)

TV Series: "Stand by your Man " (1992)

8 Episodes:
1. Episode #1.7 (????) - Rochelle Dumphy
2. Getting Out (????) - Rochelle Dumphy
3. For Better or Worse (5 April 1992) - Rochelle Dumphy
4. Visiting Day (12 April 1992) - Rochelle Dumphy
5. Labor Pains (19 April 1992) - Rochelle Dumphy
6. Spare Me (26 April 1992) - Rochelle Dumphy
7. The Prowler (3 May 1992) - Rochelle Dumphy
8. Blooming (10 May 1992) - Rochelle Dumphy

In the spring of 1992, the FOX network was looking to strengthen the last hour of their Sunday night line up. For this effort they adapted the successful British series "Birds of a Feather" to join their successful Sunday night shows such as Get A Life, Married... with Children, and The Simpsons. The sitcom stared Rosie O'Donnell and Melissa Gilbert as New Jersey sisters whose husbands were arrested for robbery and sent to jail. At the time O'Donnell was on the verge of skyrocketing to fame with her role in A League of Their Own, amongst others. In fact, all the press relating to the show, 'pre-talk show' O'Donnell is referred to as a "comic and/or VH1 video jockey." Gilbert-Brinkman; then married to Bo Brinkman, was best known for her childhood role on Little House On The Prarie. Gilbert-Brinkman was excited about a sitcom because of its close-to-home, reliable work schedule. As Gilbert told USA TODAY"an hour drama was out…. you don't have a life. You are no longer protected by child labor laws.''

Melissa Gilbert ... Rochelle Dumphy (8 episodes, 1992)
Rosie O'Donnell ... Lorraine Popowski (8 episodes, 1992)
Sam McMurray ... Roger Dunphy (4 episodes, 1992)
Miriam Flynn ... Adrienne