The Soul Collector (1999) (TV)

Director: Michael Scott
Writers : Kathleen Kane (book) Joyce Heft Brotman (teleplay)

Release Date: 24 October 1999 (USA) 28 April 2001 (Germany) 19 February 2002 (UK)

Zach is a soul collector, an angel who collects souls and takes them up to heaven. He is sent to earth to live as a human being for thirty days on a Texas cattle ranch. There, he falls in love with the ranch owner, Rebecca, a widowed single mother, and he influences the lives of her son and the ranch workers.







Credited Cast:

Bruce Greenwood ... Zacariah
Melissa Gilbert ... Rebecca
Ossie Davis ... Mordecai
Scotty Leavenworth ... Danny
Todd Allen ... Jake
Buck Taylor ... Charlie
J.D. Garfield ... Tom
Christina Carlisi ... Helen
Hilary Duff ... Ellie
Brent Anderson ... Sam Scott