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Curtain Call

Little House Star Melissa Gilbert Goes From Half Pint to Ma

September 29, 2009 - CMR Movie reviews and news.

Melissa Gilbert, child star of the popular 1970s “Little House on the Prairie” television program with the late Michael Landon, is said to be returning to the story, in a different role. Gilbert brought the character of Laura Ingalls (from the classic children’s books) to life on screen as a child with her sweet buck-toothed smile, and long straight hair with the center part. Beloved by many, and having endured many trials as she matured, the now-grown Gilbert will return to the stage production of “Little House on the Prairie” in the role of “Ma”.
The new production is in musical form and Gilbert’s initial response when approached was said to be, “Are you crazy?” Having now taken to the role and the new format, Gilbert seems to be enjoying her stint as “Ma” and is refraining from giving too much advice to the young woman reprising what was once her role as Laura. For now, the musical is appearing at the Paper Mill Playhouse, with no plans for Broadway in the future, but that is always subject to change. The musical adaptation of “Little House” is being met with mixed reviews. The New York Times calls it “pretty and well-meaning, but a little too sincere.” NJ.com says it’s a “lyrical, likeable journey…wholesome without being emotionally moving.” While other reviews are still unwritten, one thing is for sure: the show is already sold out.

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