The Penalty Phase (1986)

Director: Tony Richardson
Writer: Gale Patrick Hickman

Release Date: 18 November 1986 (USA)

Peter Strauss stars as a liberal judge, in the midst of a re-election campaign. Strauss has been under fire from his enemies for being too soft on criminals. He intends to prove otherwise while presiding over the case of a vicious mass murderer and rapist (Richard Chaves). Shortly after a guilty verdict is reached, Strauss is tipped off anonymously that the defendant right's may have been violated during interrogation. While the jury enters "the penalty phase" wherein they must decide on proper punishment, Strauss undergoes a profound moral dilemma: Should he honor the letter of the law, thereby incurring public wrath and losing all hopes for being re-elected?







Credited Cast:

Peter Strauss ... Judge Kenneth Hoffman
Jonelle Allen ... Susan Jansen
Karen Austin ... Julie
Jane Badler ... Katie Pinter
John Harkins ... Mr. Hunter
Millie Perkins ... Nancy Faulkner
Mitch Ryan ... Judge Donald Faulkner
Richard Bright ... Judge Von Karman
Richard Chaves ... Nolan Esherman
Rossie Harris ... Zach Hoffman
Art LaFleur ... Pete Pavlovich
Melissa Gilbert ... Leah Furman
Mark Allen ... Gil
Ron Campbell ... Chris
Stuart Duckworth ... Singleton