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Melissa Gilbert News.


Sorry for the lack of updates lately. A few important things have happened since the last news update! Melissa got Married to Timothy Busfield and now resides with Tim in their new home in Michigan. She also brought out a book for children called Daisy and Josephine. A Book Tour followed. And now, Melissa is currently touring with her new book! A cook book called My Prairie Cookbook. She is also working on a new series by ABC called Secrets and Lies.

January 2013

Melissa has confirmed her engagement to actor Timothy Busfield. You can read more about it here


News 2012

DWTS: Unfortunately, after a great run in DWTS, often defying the odds, Melissa and Mak's have been eliminated.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote. Each and every one was appreciated.

DWTS: Melissa was taken to hospital during the show, but is okay. Her message is as follows: I'm alright. Mild concussion and whiplash. Very soon I will be safely home resting and being taken care of.

New gallery with Melissa on Dancing with the stars added - Click here

March 2012

One new text article added to the site - click here for more

February 2012

Melissa joins Dancing with the Stars.
Melissa's professional partner is Maksim Chmerkovskiy
This starts with a two hour live premiere event Monday March 19th 8|7 c
More to come as we get it, including how you can vote to keep Melissa in the competion!
Click here for the page on this web site about Dancing with the stars.

Please Note: The Only Official Facebook Page for Melissa Fans and her Personal Twitter account are as follows...

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These are the only accounts that are officially for Melissa!


December 2011

Melissa's Hallmark TV Movie, The Christmas Pageant has aired.
Click here for a few screen captures

September 30th 2011

Due to the separation and divorce proceedings between Melissa and Bruce, this has changed the site domain name.
Please note that while we intend to allow the other name to run until it's up for renewal, it will eventually no longer be recognized. Therefore please ensure you renew your bookmarks or links to this address:

June 24th 2011

A couple of items to add to the site.

You can ask Melissa! Melissa is currently writing a new book, specifically to do with her time on Little House.
There is a unique chance to send in a question for Melissa to put in the book. Please note the following important information:

1) This is not going to gain a reply via email from Melissa. It is purely a fact gathering exercise for FAQ (Frequently asked questions). So please, do not take offence if your email isn't answered.

2) By sending in a question, there is also no guarantees it would be used in the book. It is more likely the more unusual or common the question, it will get used.

3) Please do not bombard with so many questions that it becomes a ridiculous number. A few is fine, but we just ask that a little care is given to the numbers, because otherwise they are not likely to even be looked at.

4) To send the question, the email address is: (For spam reasons this is not a clickable link) Please include your name and State (or country).

We hope your question is one of the lucky ones

A Christmas Pageant Stage Set

On the left is a small icon of a picture taken by Melissa of the stage from The Christmas Pageant that she recently completed filming for. Clicking on the picture will bring the larger version up.







May 14th 2011

Melissa has been offered a role. It is for The Hallmark Channel.

Title: The Christmas Pageant. There is no leading man yet.

This is a Hallmark channel airing near Christmas. Melissa says "My dear friend Dave Cass is directing. He directed me in my last two Hallmark movies."

More news as we get it.

March 30th 2011

As mentioned below, Melissa has auditioned for a role in Dallas, and a strong internet rumour began saying she had been offered the role.
We are able to confirm today, that unfortunately on this occasion, Melissa was not successful and will not be involved in this project.

March 25th 2011

There are internet comments going around that Melissa has been offered a role in the new series of Dallas. While it is true Melissa has auditioned for a role, currently no decision has been made about who will play the character. We will announce here if she does indeed get the role.

A very short message from Melissa to the fans.

Thank you all for your kind wishes and heartfelt messages. They really do mean a lot. Not just to me but Bruce and the boys too.


Bruce and Melissa split.

We are confirming that the news report on Bruce and Melissa's split is accurate.

While there is bound to be speculation as to what has happened, there will be no more comment at the moment and Melissa and Bruce have asked for privacy at this time.

We will of course update with any news that might be released in the future about this.

In the meantime, our thoughts are with them both.

Sara and Jayne @ Gilbert Boxleitner


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Also, a few screencaptures from that appearance added - Click here for more

September 2009

Three pictures taken during The Musical Rehearsal's have been added - Click here for more

Additional pictures from the musical and opening night added to the site - Click here for the gallery

Some more pictures added from the Musical - Click here for the gallery

Also another review added about the Musical - Click here for more

Melissa is deeply saddened to hear the news about the death of Patrick Swayze. On her personal twitter page she said the following:

'oh more pain for you. My prayers are with your beautiful Lisa and your family...Say hi to my Dad and my Pa'

The musical is in full swing, and we have some reviews and pictures taken during rehearsal of this production.
Click here for more >>

August 2009

Musical rehearsals have begun. Also - Actress Melissa Gilbert recently joined Habitat for Humanity New York City to build a co-op apartment in the South Bronx.

Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls in the T.V. version of “Little House on the Prairie”, will star as Ma Ingalls in a live musical adaptation of Little House, which begins a 34-week, 25-city tour in October.

Gilbert’s work in the Bronx is part of a deal made by the cast and crew to help local Habitat for Humanity affiliates build homes on each stop of the tour. The show will also donate $1,500 to each local Habitat chapter along the way.

Habitat for Humanity chief Jonathan Reckford said the struggles of the fictional Ingalls family in difficult conditions parallel challenges many families face today.

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