"The Love Boat" Julie's Dilemma/Who's Who/Rocky (1978)

Writer: Jeraldine Saunders
TV Series: "The Love Boat" (1977)
Original Air Date: 23 September 1978 (Season 2, Episode 3)
Genre: Comedy | Romance

"Julie's Dilemma" involves her parents, Bill and Martha, who have decided to divorce after several years of marriage. At first, Julie is heartbroken about the news, but then decides that her parents could use an introduction to the single life that they are about to rejoin. "Who's Who" begins with TV censor Patricia Seldon boarding the ship. Her initial encounter with Adam Bricker convinces him that she is a self-righteous prude, and he feels sorry for her cabin mate. Patricia's cabin mate turns out to be Marion Atkins - a male author with a female first name. "Rocky" is actually the nickname for tomboyish Rosemary Simpson, who boards with her parents Rod and Arlene, and experiences a shipboard crush with Norman, a male teenager who is on board with his mother.



Credited Cast:
Gavin MacLeod ... Captain Merrill Stubing
Marla Adams ... Arlene Simpson
Jimmy Baio ... Norman
James Coco ... Marion Atkins, the Author
Norman Fell ... Bill McCoy
Betty Garrett ... Martha McCoy
Melissa Gilbert ... Rosemary 'Rocky' Simpson
Dody Goodman ... Patricia Seldon
Ellen Travolta ... Norman's Mother
Edward Winter ... Rod Simpson