Hollywood Wives: The New Generation (2003) (TV)
... aka Femmes à Hollywood (Canada: French title)
... aka Jackie Collins' Hollywood Wives: The New Generation (USA: complete title)

Director: Joyce Chopra
Writers: Jackie Collins (book) Nicole Avril (teleplay)

Release Date: 19 October 2003 (USA)

Lissa Roman (Fawcett), Taylor Singer (Gilbert) and Kyndra (Givens) are the new Hollywood wives, all of whom lead very complicated lives. Lissa is a film and music superstar whose new blockbuster is about to premiere. She's also about to finally kick out her younger, hunky husband who has been playing around on her. For protection, she hires a sexy private investigator, Michael Scorsinni (Scalia), and the sparks fly between them. Taylor Singer (Gilbert) is a former actress now struggling to be a movie producer. She is married to a very successful director who would prefer that she just take care of him. Taylor is cheating on her husband with a young screenwriter who is supposed to be helping her with her screenplay. Kyndra is a sultry soul-singer who is the best friend and confidant to both Lissa and Taylor, though her own daughter, Saffron (McLure), wishes she could be closer to her. Through it all, these women stick together as they experience the triumphs and tragedies that come with Hollywood's most infamous territory.



Credited Cast:

Farrah Fawcett ... Lissa Roman
Melissa Gilbert ... Taylor Singer
Robin Givens ... Kyndra
Dorian Harewood ... Claude St. Claire
Jeff Kaake ... Gregg Lynch
Stewart Bick ... Larry Singer
Kandyse McClure ... Saffron
Robert Moloney ... Eric Vernon
Pascale Hutton ... Nikki Roman
Peter Cockett ... James Pierson
Jack Scalia ... Michael Scorsinni
Peter Oldring ... Danny