Family Secrets (1984)


Director: Jack Hofsiss
Writers: Stefanie Powers (story) Leonora Thuna (writer)

Release Date: 13 May 1984 (USA)
Genre: Drama

Melissa Gilbert is Sara Calloway, 18 year old daughter of divorced Chicago advertising executive Jessie (Stefanie Powers) and granddaughter of Maggie (Maureen Stapleton), who is moving from her Wisconsin home to a condo after the death of her husband. When Sara and Jessie visit Maggie, who Sara calls `Megs', to help Maggie pack, the reunion brings old resentments to the surface. Sara has a subplot where her emerging sexuality has her concerned with birth control, and Jessie fears for Sara's interest in a local boy Lowell (James Spader).





Credited Cast:
Gary Dontzig ... Barry Haynes
Melissa Gilbert ... Sara Calloway
Marlena Giovi ... Store Checker
Stefanie Powers ... Jessie Calloway
Marion Ramsey ... Linda Jones
Kimmy Robertson ... Mickey
Gary Sinise ... Motorcyclist
James Spader ... Lowell Everall
Maureen Stapleton ... Maggie Lukauer
Irene Tedrow ... Mrs. Fenwick