Donor (1990)

Director: Larry Shaw
Writer: Michael Braverman

Dr. Kristine Lipton finds that something strange is happening in the hospital she works for, when a friend is strangled by an elder poor patient, who runs away but has an accident and dies. Kristine tries to find out more about this man, but only finds that all the personel (including the Hospital's Director), are hiding something.








Credited Cast:

Melissa Gilbert ... Dr. Kristine Lipton (as Melissa Gilbert-Brinkman)
Jack Scalia ... Dr. Eugene Kesselman
Pernell Roberts ... Dr. Martingale
Wendy Hughes ... Dr. Farrell
Gregory Sierra ... Hector Aliosa
Gale Mayron ... Melody
Marc Lawrence ... Ben Beloit
Wendy J. Cooke ... Robby Elias (as Wendy Cooke)
Michael Boatman ... Arnold
Hari Rhodes ... Harry