Cries from the Heart (1994) (TV)
... aka Touch of Truth

Director: Michael Switzer
Writer: Robert Inman

Release Date: 16 October 1994 (USA)

Michael is an autistic 7 year old child. He cannot speak or write. His mother, Karen, sends him to a special school to help him learn. Michael is taught to use a computer in order to express his feelings. Upon this, Michael reveals his fear of one of the ordelies at his school. He reveals he was sexualy abused by his guardian there, Jeff. Then ensues a courtroom battle, is Michaels evidence reliable?




Credited Cast:

Patty Duke ... Terry
Melissa Gilbert ... Karen
Bradley Pierce ... Michael
Markus Flanagan ... Roger
Lisa Banes ... Ms. Tolbert
Roger Aaron Brown ... Eliot
Peter Spears ... Jeff
Joe Chrest ... Brandon Richards