Choices (1986)


Director: David Lowell Rich
Writer: Judith Parker

Release Date:17 February 1986 (USA)

Evan and Marisa Granger are happily married dispite the fact he is thirty years older than his wife. Their lives are thrown into turmoil when Terry, Evans nineteen year old daughter from a previous marriage returns home and confides to Marisa she is pregnant. Not wanting to face motherhood or dealing with the consequences of a child, she contemplates an abortion without the knowledge of her boyfriend. However, her father, a retired 62 year old judge discovers her situation and is strongly opposed to abortion in principle. However, he soon finds he has to re-examine his own beliefs as his younger 38 year old second wife suddenly announces she is also pregnant. The two, when first married, agreed that there would be no additional children. This accidental pregnancy is unacceptable to the older man who cannot see him being involved in a young child's life. In the end, all three must make choices.



Credited Cast:

George C. Scott ... Evan Granger
Jacqueline Bisset ... Marisa Granger
Melissa Gilbert ... Terry Granger
Laurie Kennedy ... Ellen
Steven Flynn ... Scott
Nancy Allison ... Norma
Daliah Novak ... Janet (as Daliah Bache)
Kirsten Bishop ... Dana (as Kirsten Bishopric)
Nicholas A. Bourdon ... Aaron
Catherine Colney ... Clinic Woman
Richard Dumont ... Caterer
Lorena Gale ... Clinic Staffer
Barbara Jones ... Receptionist (as Barbara Ann Jones)
Terrence Labrosse ... Dr. Williams
Mitch Martin ... Young Woman