The Babymaker: The Dr. Cecil Jacobson Story (1994) (TV)
... aka Seeds of Deception

Director: Arlene Sanford

Writers: Phil Penningroth and Sharon Elizabeth Doyle

Release Date: 8 February 1994 (USA)

Married couples, unable to conceive, are thrilled to find they are going to become parents, thanks to a larger-than-life "miracle doctor" and his unusual treatments. However, joy soon turns to outrage with the discovery the physician has taken bizarre and inconceivably unethical means to deceive his patients. In some case, the doctor deliberately misled couples into falsely believing they might have a chance to become pregnant when they could not. In others, the twisted physician actually served as a "secret donor," fathering countless children himself. Outraged by these shocking discoveries, one couple leads a seemingly impossible fight to keep hopeful families from being victimized again.





Credited Cast:

Melissa Gilbert ... Mary Bennett
Shanna Reed ... Sue Castellano
Tom Verica ... Greg Bennett
Shannon Lawson ... Nita
Geoffrey Bowes ... Dr. Mason
James B. Douglas
Jesse Collins ... Peter Fowler
Michael Charles Roman ... Jesse
R.H. Thomson ... Bill Castellano
George Dzundza ... Dr. Cecil Jacobson